Camp Traditions

Camp Seymour’s program is packed with healthy and fun traditions, many of which date back 60-70 years. We’ve modernized facilities and programs, but continue to stay true to the values of our predecessors. Current campers continue traditions through activities like:

German Stairs: Named after a couple of camp staff in the 70s, we gather at 7am for a run/walk/jog of nearly a mile loop. Campers that participate every day in this event, earn a German Stairs pin.


Whale Swim: Once an entire camp swim across the cove in the 1920’s has since evolved (for safety sake) into a life-jacketed swim out and around a buoy, as an entire cabin group. This cabin bonding is truly character building.



Dippy Club: One of the oldest running traditions at camp, campers are given the opportunity for a life-jacketed jump/dip off the dock into Glen Cove. Campers that start of every day with this adrenaline pumping experience receive a Dippy Club pin.