Building a Better Team

Adventure programs offer opportunities for learning, exhilarating activities, fun, reflection, physical exertion, laughter, risk taking, group cooperation, problem-solving, decision-making, conversation, creative solutions, skill building, and leadership. Adventure programs are appropriate for groups seeking to grow as individuals and as a team, including organizations such as church and community organizations, work teams, scouts, and high school and college clubs and teams. 

For participants 12 years old and older.                                    

2016 Rates

1/2 day Low Ropes (3 hours):     $45/person                     

Full day Low and High Ropes (5-6 hours):     $59/person

Extended Day Low and High Ropes (8 hours):     $99/person

1/2 day in addition to overnight retreat:     $29/person

Full day in addition to overnight retreat:     $39/person                         

Box lunches are available for $8/person                                              

Low Course - Low course experiences promote personal and group growth through mental and physical problem solving exercises. Your group will be presented with a challenge such as stepping onto and balancing a large teeter-totter platform each challenge a tool for learning by doing, processing experiences, and creating team cohesion through cooperation and fun. The leadership, strategy, and goal-setting skills learned in these situations readily transfer to the "real-life" challenges facing your group.

High Course - Rising 35 feet above the ground, surrounded by evergreen forest, our high course presents numerous opportunities for individual growth and group support. Participants are invited to attempt physical and mental challenges high off the ground while using safety equipment similar to that used in rock climbing. For example, in one activity two participants climb a telephone pole using built-in steps and, once at the top, walk on a cable while using hanging ropes and each other for balance. Camp Seymour's NEW Zip Course is part of our high ropes course.  Please ask your We offer high course programs in conjunction with low course team-building activities.       

Safety - Adventure programs are designed for challenge, learning and fun. Safety is our first priority, but we can never 100% ensure your safety therefore, it's important for you to make good decisions for yourself while you participate in our programs. There are both physical and emotional risks involved in adventure activities even though we are safety-conscious, there is inherent risk in the activities that we provide.

Philosophy - Experiential and adventure education are based on the idea that most people learn best by doing. Adventure programs embrace this idea and build on it: there is great potential to learn when we choose to step outside of our comfort zone. Thus, we embrace risk as a tool for learning. We realize, however, that when the risk level is too high for an individual they can enter their panic (or anxiety) zone and learning ceases. Therefore, we encourage participants to make individual choices about the ways in which they want to challenge themselves.

We'll come to you!  Portable Initiatives

Team-building can happen at any location! Our professional staff will come to your site to facilitate a program ranging from 30 minutes of ice-breaker and energizer activities to numerous days of fun games, experiential learning, group challenges, and skills-building activities.                                    


Contact the camp office at 253-884-3392 or e-mail for additional information or to book your group.